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CINF  690AM INFO690 Montreal (in French) CKAC  730AM RadioMedia - Montreal (in French) CJAD  800AM Std. Broadcasting. Montreal CINW  940AM 940 News Montreal CKGM  990AM The Team - Montreal CJMS 1040AM Country Music - St. Constant (in French) WIRY 1340AM Oldies - Plattsburgh, NY CFAV 1570AM CFAV 1570 Radio-Nostalgie Laval (in French) CJWI 1610AM CPAM Radio-Union Montreal CBM  88,5FM CBC Radio One - Montreal CISM  89.3FM Universite de Montreal (in French) CKUT  90.3FM McGill University. - Montreal CIRA  91.3FM Radio Ville-Marie - Montreal (in French) CKLX  91.9FM Blabla... CFQR  92.5FM Lite Rock Montreal CBM-FM  93.5FM CBC Radio Two - Montreal CKMF  94,3FM Radio Energie - Montreal (in French) WYUL  94.7FM Nix the Mix.  Chateauguay NY CBF  95.1FM Radio Canada's Premiere Chaine - Montreal (in French) CJFM  95.9FM Mix 96 CKOI  96.9FM Montreal (in French) CHOM  97.7FM Montreal CHMP  98.5FM 98,5 Montreal (French) CJPX  99.5FM Radio-Classique Montreal (in French) CBF-FM 100.7FM Chaine culturelle, Radio-Canada - Montreal (in French) CIBL 101.5FM Radio Libre - Montreal (in French) CINQ 102.3FM Radio Centre-ville, Montreal (multilingual) CKOD 103.1FM Le Suroit - Valleyfield, QC (in French) CHAA 103.3FM Longueuil (in French) CJLM 103.5FM Joliette (in French) CKRK 103.7FM K-103 Mohawk CKDG 105.1FM Route 105 -  Bilingual CFGL 105.7FM Rythme FM - Laval (in French) CITE 107.3FM Rock-Detente, Montreal (in French) WVPS 107.9FM Vermont Public Radio - Burlington VT

AM and FM stations in Montréal
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CINF 690
"Info 690, La radio des nouvelles". All news station. Sister station of 940News. In French.
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKAC 730
"La voix du Québec". World's oldest French-speaking commercial station in service. News, sports and politics weekdays and oldies during the weekend. News every 15 minutes before the hour
[Windows Media Player-page externe] [Visitez leur site Web!] CJAD 800AM Montreal Standard Broadcasting. Local programmings, News and talk shows. [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player-page externe] [Visitez leur site Web!] CINW 940
"940 News". All-news station.
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKGM 990
The Team
Sport. [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CJMS 1040

Talk show, country music. In French. [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player-page externe] [Visitez leur site Web!] WIRY 1340AM Plattsburgh NY - Oldies (en anglais) From Plattsburgh, NY, 45 miles south of Montreal. Oldies and contemporary music, local news.
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CFAV 1570
"Radio Nostalgie". French Oldies, from the '40s to the '80s
[Windows Media Player-page externe] [Visitez leur site Web!] CJWI 1610
CPAM, Radio-Union. Newest AM station in town. Community ethnic radio. In French. [Schedule]

[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] [CBM 88,5FM - CBC Radio One CBM 88,5FM (Formely on 940AM). Canada's national public radio. Local programming. News, talk shows, documentaries.
[Real Audio] [Visitez leur site Web!] [CISM 89,3FM Montreal] Live programming (in French) from the campus of the Université de Montréal.
[Real Audio] [Visitez leur site Web!] [CKUT 90,3FM Montreal] From McGill University, in Montreal. [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CIRA 91,3
Radio Ville-Marie. Christian Radio. In French.
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKLX 91,9
Couleur jazz
Newest FM station now broadcasting over the internet (Flash module required). [Updated]
[Windows Media Player-page externe] [Visitez leur site Web!] CFQR 92,5FM
"Q92: Lite Rock Montreal". Note: The audio link will launch Q92's radio player which also requires Flash Macromedia version 6.0 plug-in installed on your web browser.
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CBM-FM 93,5FM CBC Radio Two Classical, Jazz ...
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKMF 94,3
Radio Energie
One of Montreal's popular rock station, broadcasting in French.
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] WYUL 94,7
Chateauguay NY
"Nix the Mix". Music. Local (US) and Canadian-based programming, complete with Montreal weather and traffic circulation.
[Real Audio] [Windows Media Player] [Diffusion en Real Audio et Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CBF 95,1
The première chaine. This is Canada's French-speaking national public radio, the sister network of the English-speaking CBC. (Debates, documentaries, local, national and international news coverage) [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CJFM 95,9FM
Mix 96. Soft rock
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKOI 96,9FM Montreal The #1 French-speaking station in Montreal. talk shows, rock music, and local news.
[Windows Media Player-page externe] [Visitez leur site Web!] CHOM 97,7FM
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CHMP 98,5FM
"Le nouveau FM parlé de Montréal", the newest talker on the FM band. French.
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CJPX 99,5FM
Radio classique
  [Visitez leur site Web!] WBTZ 99,9FM
The Buzz

Alternative. Very popular among teenagers in Vermont and in Quebec. Note: Like hundreds of US-based Internet radio stations, WBTZ was forced to halt streaming .
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CBF-FM 100,7
"ESPACE MUSIQUE". This is the second French network of Radio-Canada, formely known as the "Chaine Culturelle". Musical. [Schedule]
[Real Audio] [Visitez leur site Web!] [CIBL 101,5FM - Radio Libre, Montreal] Radio libre. Montreal's French-speaking community station. Non-commercial programming. An unique opportunity to hear local artists which are seldom heard on commercial stations... [Schedule]
[Real Audio] [Visitez leur site Web!] CINQ 102,3
Downtown Montreal
Multilingual radio, broadcasting in seven languages (French, English, Spanish, Greek, Portugese, Creole and Chinese). [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] [CKOD 103,1FM Le Suroit - Valleyfield "La radio du Suroît". Valleyfield, QC. Latest hits and some oldies (in French), (about 30 miles southwest of Montreal, near the NY and Ontario borders).
[Real Audio] [Visitez leur site Web!] CHAA 103,3
CHAA is a small community radio station serving the South Shore of Montreal. This station broadcasts in French. [Schedule]
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CJLM 103,5
La radio de Lanaudière. A short distance east of Montreal, serving the Lanaudière region and the east end of Montreal. (Local programming, music, news, weather, traffic) French.
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKRK 103,7
K-103. Mohawk radio. Contemporary music.
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CKDG 105.1
Formely CHCR, Hellenic Radio, once available only on cable (Videotron). Now on the air and on the internet, broadcasting in Greek, English and French.
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] CFGL 105.7
Rythme FM. Adult contemporary music. in French.
[Autre] [Visitez leur site Web!] CITE 107,3
Rock Détente
CITE The Rock-Détente Network, a privately owned network operating throughout the province of Quebec. (Soft rock, oldies as well as today's popular songs). French
[Windows Media Player] [Visitez leur site Web!] WVPS 107,9
Vermont Public Radio. The public radio of the state of Vermont. An NPR affiliate. Also streamin in Shoutcast / MP3 format. [Schedule]

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